Do I Really Need a Home Stager to Sell My Home?

It happens time and time again on listing appointments. The homeowner, wanting to sell for top dollar in a hot market is met by the listing agent, armed and ready with a “to do” list a mile long of items to tackle before putting the house on the market.

“Before listing, I think its imperative to take down your popcorn ceiling, replace all of your carpet, replace all the sod, install an irrigation system, and repaint the entire exterior of the home.” You can essentially HEAR the homeowner’s blood start to boil, tension builds as the owner shoots death stares at the agent across the room…


The listing process does not have to be this way. A professional home stager can help clarify reasons why changes need to happen before putting the home on the market.

With the plethora of home buying and selling shows on TV, homebuyers’ have elevated expectations on the home-buying process. A new listing on the market should not only be well-priced to move within 30 days but should also showcase the lifestyle it will provide for the new homeowner. It is imperative for homeowners to realize this as they think about selling their home. Evidence of how much a home stager can bring to the table is shown in this New York Times article.

Home stagers add value because they come in with an objective eye. They see your home’s strengths and weaknesses. Like the old adage goes, the stager has experience “accentuating the positive,” and disguising the less than stellar aspects of your home. Or they are able to help perspective buyers see around something that might ordinarily be seen as objective.


The long and short of it is that a stager typically knows what perspective buyers are looking for in a home and can help set the stage for multiple offers to pour in. Whether it be a full remodel or simply rearranging your current furniture to make the home feel more open, the stager can save you time and earn you that will put your home in a more competitive position.

Atlanta Professional Home Stagers to Consider:

Design 2-Sell

Home Staging Atlanta

Simply Styled



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