Creative Ideas for Getting the Most Out of Your Open House

Ahh, springtime. Can’t you just smell the sweet sweet gardenias and jasmine in bloom? Oh wait. That’s the warm cookie and coffee smell aroma from the five open houses on your block!


Springtime and early summer are by far the best time of the year to showcase your home for potential buyers.  Not only will the weather typically be more cooperative down here in Atlanta but also it’s a great time of year to showcase the lifestyle your condo’s location offers (Piedmont Park or Beltline access, anyone?). If you have townhome or single family home, it’s THE time to accentuate the benefits your deck or yard bring to your busy ATL lifestyle!

I am a big believer in the Open House.   It is a great way to get neighbors, other Realtors, “looky-loos,” and local business owners into your home. The more eyes on your home the better. Especially once the home has been properly de-cluttered and staged.

Here are a few tips to make sure you have a successful open house:


  1. Be sure to have plenty of well-crafted handouts and information for guests to walk away with. Often people are seeing several homes in a day, so give them something tangible to refer to at the end of their tour when properties might be getting muddled in their minds. Your Realtor should prepare this material for you.
  2. Give people a reason to attend. Yes, your home is fabulous. But make your home memorable by offering a giveaway from a local business (HINT: hit up your favorite local restaurant for a coupon for all attendees and see if they will donate a gift card to raffle).
  3. The tried and true – serve cookies and coffee. Gives attendees something to linger and chat over. It also showcases the kitchen and will mimic an entertaining scenario in the home
  4. Keep kids busy. If you are showcasing your 2 BR+ sized home, make sure to create an area for kids to hang out so parents can browse freely. Create a coloring page of your house (done simply by tracing a photo) and give to the children of potential buyers with a small packet of crayons. Be sure to put the home’s address on the page and pertinent listing information. Again, your Realtor should be able to help you with this.
  5. If you are in a condominium building with a concierge or doormen, make sure to invite them to attend or to preview your home ahead of time. Perhaps give them a small token of thanks for popping up. This may or amay not entice them to mention your open house to folks walking in (but we think it helps tremendously to drive attendance!).
  6. Write a love letter to your house and frame it. Put this in a prominent location near the listing material. Explain why you loved living here and be specific (is it the birds at the bird feeder that greet you every morning you will miss the most? How about how the towel warmer melts your heart every time you get out of the shower in the winter? PEOPLE LOVE THESE DETAILS). Potential buyers will see an entirely different aspect of the house and it will help them remember the home.

Open houses might not be the “be all and end all” of marketing your home. But they do serve a unique purpose once you know what to expect and how to prepare. Make the most of yours by properly preparing with some of our creative tips which will get as many eyes on your home as possible and set your home apart.



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