Get thee a clawfoot tub!

You need this. Did you already hear me say this? Oh wait, YES YOU DID!!!

You can get these babies for free (sometimes) and then call the best tub guy in town, Happy, to refinish it for you (PM me for his info).


This baby was behind a friend’s renovation project (he is not a believer in the powerful transforming and healing powers of a CFT) so he gave it to me (thanks, Brent!).


Here we are after the very sweaty Duke’s Dad and Happy got her into position in the new Master Bath. Isn’t she great!?! I wanted to leave that rustic feel to her and Happy knew just what I wanted. Supremely happy with Happy. He’s a hardworking champ!



Here she is after the GREAT TEAM from American Plumbing went above and beyond to help me get a shower in the new bathroom! They went off site and took the hardware off another old tub and put it onto this ole’ girl! Seriously nicest guys ever - thanks Terrence and Mr. Bryan!

All in all, if you want a CFT DO IT! The nostalgia, charm, and TUB SOAKin is well worth it. Enjoy!