Developer – Small Cottages

Small cottages are my PASSION!

As a developer, I developed and sold two quality low country cottages in 2015.

I am currently using my experiences from starting a vacation property management company  to build my third cottage. However, this time my aim is to keep the home and rent it as a furnished monthly home for the growing sector of professionals and Snowbirds who frequent Savannah.

After traveling to Prince Edward Island to study small vacation home clusters in 2015 and to Portland, Oregon in 2016 to study Ross Chapin’s designs, I decided to take the leap into developing a pocket neighborhood. The smaller-scaled home is especially attractive to me for many reasons.

I am actively seeking out investors interested in building my first “pocket neighborhood.” Pocket neighborhoods are typically infill developments that combine many aspects of New Urbanism including design elements like front-porches, shared green spaces, and other ways to connect with the surrounding community (read: amenities like dog area, gardens, and tool sheds).