HEAD-ing up the progress....

Onward we go! After a couple weeks of planning and slowing down due to the holidays we are back on track! Last weekend Duke’s Dad and I got the doors from Pembroke (pronounced “brook,” not “BROKE”), I finished cleaning out the drywall, and he ripped up subfloor in the kitchen so the tile would be the same height in the kitchen as newly found hardwoods in living room.

The physicality of the work is A LOT! I feel like I have some minor nerve damage from 3-4 hours of pulling nails — what a weenie!

Micha and TT

Luckily for Duke’s Dad, his friend, Micha was able to come down from Asheville to help for a couple weeks. Micha paired with TT have made a big impact this week — headers have been installed where new windows and doors are going. A new exterior door is hung (major victory for me to see!), and outside openings are blocked off w playwood. I feel so lucky and happy that this GREAT PROGRESS is being made by a lively and fun group…

That and the DENIM-looking tile is down in the kitchen!


I closed on another renovation project with my neighbor December 31st (we start bidding next week) and had a disappointment with the small house community I’ve been wanting to build (CHIN UP!) so I was not at the work site as much as I wanted to be this week but did get to shop vac and clean up the site some (I love a sparkling clean site!).